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We represent world class industry manufacturers brands. 

Professional gear and tools for construction and the manufacturing industry.


  • Non-spark tools suitable for work as well as fuel / gas life.

  • Mechanical equipment for  industry

  • Temperature-controlled chambers/paint booths

  • Construction of spraying room and sandblasting granules.

  • Painting equipment such as Airless paint sprayers, road marking machines etc.

  • Cleaning equipment ​​,sandblasting , water pressure washing machines

  • Abrasive sandblasting

  • Aluminum Silicate / Coal slag, Steel Shot, Steel Grit

  • Aluminum oxide and Glass Beads

  • Special purpose grinding materials: plastic granules,

       ceramic, walnut shells.

  • Worker safety equipment such as harnesses, masks, gloves, goggles, etc.

  • Heat exchanger - condenser / heat exchanger tube expanders

  • Personal imports of specialty hardware for the building industry.


Products and gear are manufactured at 

the highest world wide standards .



Among some of our customers :


  • The Israel Electric Corporation,

  • Ktz"aa, resources, aviation industry,

  • Refineries, Rafael, the Defense Ministry,

  • The Nuclear Research Center

  • the Israeli Police

  • Israel Shipyards .


Our customers benefit from a wide range of products, 

cutting-edge technologies and the highest quality standards.

Our core values are: customer satisfaction, innovation

and integrity.


  Gidi Berkovich

   Company Director

Shot blasting
builing machines.png
  • Planning and construction

  • Sandblasting Rooms 

  • Sandblasting/granule machines 

  • Shot blast

  • Closed-cell small grains blasting

  • Small elements boilers sandblasting

  • Pressure washing using cold water

  • Pressure washing machines using  hot water

  • Baths sinks

  • Cleaning systems on demand

  • Grained materials spraying machines

  • Auto Robotic painting systems

  • Electrostatic powder painting 

  • Industrial painting 

  • Clean room painting 

  • Planning & execution of industrial projects 

  • Construction projects

  • Construction- sand blasting rooms

  • Air filtering systems

  • Painting fume hoods 

  • Automated painting systems

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  • Surface preparation for painting

  • Blasting/grinding materials-

  • Metal, wood, aluminum, galvanized and more.

  • Grinding materials and Glazing irons

  • Moisture absorbing materials

  • Non-spark tools

  • Welding and cutting machines

  • Protection and safety equipment

  • Smoke suction systems

  • Gauge measurement tools

  • Diesel portable compressors

  • Electric screw compressor

  • Ancillary equipment

  • Do it yourself:

Rent-airless spraying machines ,boilers, sandblasting, pressure water washing machines for any purpose.

Air Compressors
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  • Imports & exports industrial gear machinery and raw materials for Building/construction industry

  • Service and handling all necessary procedures.

  • Training and demonstrations for optimal tools and use of raw materials

  • Advanced service laboratories 

  • Services for gear/machine brands 

  • Comprehensive inventory of spare parts available 

  • On demand color manufactures 

  • Special purpose paints color

  • Epoxy colors

  • Natural rubber and acrylic paints

  • All-purpose laminates

  • Smoke suction systems

  • Blowers 

  • Air Hoods

  • Fume hoods

  • Filtering

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