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Import & commerce LTD

Ashkelon Hapninim 33 st: Israel




G.Berkovitch  Co Ltd.

We represent the world class industry manufacturers brends 

Professional geare and tools for construction and manufacturing industry.


  • Non-spark tools suitable for work as well as fuel / gas life.

  • Mechanical equipment industry

  • Establishment room color / paint systems

  • Construction of spraying room and sandblasting granules.

  • Painting equipment such as Aiirlsim Postulates road marking machines etc.

  • Cleaning equipment ​​,sandblasting,water pressure washing machines

  • Abrasives sandblasting;

  • Aluminium Silicate / Coalslag, Steel Shot, Steel Grit

  • Aluminium oxide Glass Beads

  • Special purpose grinding materials: plastic granules,

       ceramic, walnut shells.

  • Worker safety equipment such as harnesses, Breathe, gloves, goggles, etc.

  • Heat exchanger - condenser / heat exchanger tube expanders

  • Personal imports of specialty hardware and building industry.


Products and geare are manufactured at 

the most stringent world wide standards .



 Import & Commerce Ltd  


Among our customers :


  • The Israel Electric Corporation,

  • Ktz"aa, resources, aviation industry,

  • Refineries, Rafael, the Defense Ministry, the Nuclear

  • Research Center,the Israeli Police,

  • Israel Shipyards .


Our customers benefit alarmed both wide products based

on new technologies Innovative and highest quality.


Our leading principles is:

Providing the best standard of customer service .


 Please contact us for more details.

     Gidi Berkovich

     Company Director

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